About me

Name: Ratbek Aaliev
Profession: Full Stack Web Developer
Contact details: Click here
Education: 2001-2006 Kyrgyz State Technical University after I. Razzakov.

Briefly about myself

Hi everyone! My name is Ratbek. I'm Full Stack Web Developer. I write mostly in PHP and Javascript languages and use Laravel 5, Symfony, React and Vue.js frameworks.
I have such skills. I believe that the amount of these skills for super-duper (or ninja, master, jedi) programmer are few, so I always strive to develop myself to become a very good programmer.
I love programming, unless, of course task is interesting.
I write code, make html-markup and generally work fast enough, although term "fast" is very subjective.
The quality of my work, in my opinion, is quite good, since there were a lot of satisfied people.
At this moment I am looking for a new job. If you think that my skills and experience are enough to resolve your problems, then I'm at your service, as long as you need me.
Hobby: Programming, football (i.e. soccer), reading books.
Good bye!

Language skills

Languages Language proficiency
Kyrgyz (native) Fluently
English Advanced
Russian Fluently